Stockholm International Film Festival 2023

Stockholm International Film Festival is an annual celebration of film and the people behind it. For twelve days in November, the festival hosts viewings of some of the years most renowned films, where viewers and industry people come together in their shared love for the craft.

For 2023’s concept, we delved into the early days of filmmaking and the groundbreaking colorization process. This era marked a significant shift, enabling audiences to experience footage in its complete spectrum of colors. By embracing this idea, we crafted a dynamic and lively identity, characterized by a playfully vibrant color palette. Stills and moving footage were carefully framed within borders inspired by the logo, presenting a unified approach through which the Stockholm International Film Festival emerges as a distinctive communicator.

The visual concept of the year extends across various mediums, such as posters, program guides, step-and-repeat backdrops, and presentations. Its subtle influence enhances each aspect, adding a touch of refinement to the overall visual experience.

Poor Things – Searchlight/Disney
All of Us Strangers – Searchlight/20th Century Studios
The Beast in the Jungle – Kinology
A Song Sung Blue – Totem
FilmsThe Settlers – MK2 Films
Saltburn – Amazon Studios/MGM

Photo (Ethan and Maya Hawke): Jonas Ekströmer/TT