Scandic Go

Scandic Go is Scandic’s first sub-brand, featuring hotels strategically situated in appealing urban locations. An ideal choice when you have other places to go, and want to spend your time and money outside the hotel. Scandic Go focuses on delivering the essentials at a great price. Always smart, always sustainable and always with smooth self-service.

25AH was commissioned to create a brand identity and concept for the hotel, including brand strategy, visual identity, logotype, imagery, art direction and a communicative platform.

The swirl symbolizes the concept – spending time outside the hotel. The ‘Go’ is created and built up based on a trace of how the guest explores and discovers the city. By keeping and incorporating the original Scandic logotype to Go, it provides legitimacy and credibility to the new brand.

A diverse and varied color palette provides energy and serves as a distinct brand carrier. The extensive color range offers flexibility for diverse communication needs, allowing for both bold and subtle expressions.

The image and film concept aligns with the overall brand, enhancing its expression across various channels. Through the use of handheld cameras, intentional noise, and close-ups, we aim to convey an authentic, documentary feel.

Photography: Felix Swensson