A boutique hotel located in a building from 1647, right between the Old Town and the younger, more vibrant, district of Södermalm in Stockholm. Part of highlighting the history of the building was to name the hotel after the man who commissioned its construction – a tailor named Frantz Bock.

Assigned to create the identity for the new hotel, we built the story and the design around Frantz and his profession. The goal was to create a ’House of Frantz’, mixing influences from fashion with the feeling of a home away from home. An important factor for the client was to have every item feel custom-made, as well as balancing the history and heritage with the young and modern. The same ideas were also carried over to the web and direction for photography.

The use of materials like gold debossed leather, and details like leather tassels and a custom-made pattern, were essential in creating a sense of fashion. A typographic treatment was also used as a conceptual interpretation of seams that run along the edges of garments.