Gioia is an Italian Trattoria in Stockholm located on the corner of Vasagatan-Gamla Brogatan that serves rustic, seasonal cuisine in a lively and warm setting.

The commission was to name the restaurant and to develop a graphic toolbox. We wanted to create a visual identity where the old world meets the new: classic Italian with an international and urban touch. The name, Gioia (joy), reflects the soul and atmosphere of the restaurant.

To create an elegant, yet relaxed expression, we used a mix of typography. A NYC style sans serif and the contemporary serif typeface makes an interesting combination that feels inviting and exciting. The logotype allude to old decorative Italian shop signs and works as a contrast to the strict typography.

A creative play of contrasts were important to achieve the classic yet, modern expression. Mixing materials such as high tactility paper, copper and plastic, as well as neon, vinyl and gold leaf, forms an interesting collision. Together it reflects what Gioia really is, a modern Italian Trattoria.

Photography: Ollie Nordh and 25AH