Fabrique was founded in 2008, in Stockholm, with the mission to provide people with local, healthy, and traditionally baked bread. After fifteen successful years with bakeries in Stockholm, London, and NYC, each bread is still made by hand.

Building on this successful concept, Fabrique’s identity had to be updated to reflect the company’s journey and current market position. It was fine-tuned and amplified to express the brand’s joyful and unique personality; warmer colours, playful graphics, and a compassionate tonality put Fabrique on the map as a personal, zestful bakery with goods as good to eat as to give away.

An important part of the work was to develop an image style for Fabrique, and how to present the products in a descriptive, yet appetizing way.

The website communicates craftsmanship and genuineness in a playful manner, reflecting Fabrique’s warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Photography: Mira Wickman