Eighteen years ago Ivan De Valle left the Basque Country in Spain and moved to Sweden. With him, he carried the memories of his grandmother’s home-cooked food and her sense of creating fantastic flavors. It was his grandmothers genuine passion that evoke Ivan’s appetite for food. She also taught him the importance of using only the best ingredients available. A few years later Ivan started to create his own dressings which he delivered to local restaurants in the Stockholm area. In 2018, after over ten years in business and an increasing demand for his dressings, Ivan decided that it was finally time to provide his products to anyone who wants to enjoy them at home. Our strategy was to position the brand as a small-scale local player and focus on the high quality of the products as well as Ivan’s enthusiasm for dressings. Since there are no similar products on the market, dressings without e-substances made only with the best Swedish ingredients, the company has a unique position on the market.

We came up with the name Fabrica Valle, a combination of the founder Ivan De Valle’s surname and the geographic location of the small factory – Vendelsö. We created a packaging range reflecting Ivan’s joy, enthusiasm and passion for food. The identity is a combination of playful colors together with a varied range of characteristic typography that represents each dressing’s individual taste, where vegan products has a striped background in order to differentiate the products. Our objective was to create a unique and inspiring brand, and the result was a revolution in the dressing shelf!