Almqvist Destilleri

Almqvist Distillery is a small quality distillery located in Rejmyre, Sweden. The founder, Bex Almqvist, started her own distillery after years of experience in the industry at larger distilleries and high-end bars. In Rejmyre, she creates traditional Swedish aquavit, Nordic Dry Gin, and bespoke white labels for the world’s best bars.

The mission was to create a graphic identity with a focus on tradition and craftsmanship, with an exclusive touch. The graphic identity included everything from the logo to the packaging concept. The labels should be perceived as cohesive, yet unique to each product. This was achieved by maintaining the same appearance and design while engaging different illustrators and artists to interpret the content of the product in their own style.

All new spirit varieties receive a unique illustration, intended to reflect the product’s content and taste experience. For Nordic Dry Gin, the illustrator Fredrik Tjernström was commissioned to depict a genuine and nature-inspired illustration, with a touch of mystique.

Hannele Fernström was engaged to illustrate the label for Rejmyre Akvavit. The mission was to craft something graphical and vibrant, incorporating more abstract forms inspired by nature.

Photography: Åsa Liffner
Styling: Pamela Pomplitz
Illustrations: Fredrik Tjernström and Hannele Fernström