Fabrique was founded in 2008, in Stockholm, with the mission to provide people with local, healthy and traditionally baked bread.

After ten successful years with bakeries in Stockholm, London, and NYC, each bread is still made by hand. As the company grows, so does the challenge for Fabrique to maintain the position and strengthen the credibility as the small and local artisan bakery. The Identity needed to communicate what Fabrique is today.

Our focus was to enhance the craftsmanship and find a new inspired voice. As every bread is still hand-made, we wanted to give the identity an overall analogue look and leave more room for variety. Each shop got its own identity, with an illustration that represents the local neighborhood. The illustrations are then stamped by hand on paper cups. The existing logotype was updated with an arch-shape, inspired by the traditional stone-oven.

Client: Fabrique

Each bread shop got its own unique identity, through hand-drawn illustrations inspired by their local neighborhoods. Also, every shop got its own hand-painted window sign.