Fabrique Artisan Bakery was founded in 2008, in Stockholm, with the mission to give people access to local, healthy, and traditionally baked bread.

After ten successful years with bakeries in both Stockholm, London, and soon New York, each bread is still made by hand. The challenge for us was to maintain the feeling of a small and local artisan bakery.

We developed their identity and gave it more energy by expanding the graphic toolbox. The color scheme was stripped down to just black, white, and off-white to highlight the natural ingredients. Two new typefaces were added, a serif and a sans serif, to create a more varied expression. We also added hand-drawn illustrations and typographic groups to put on cups, work uniforms, and posters.

We wanted to give the identity an overall analogue look, to enhance the craftsmanship, and to have the details feel as considered and cared for as the bread.

Client: Fabrique

Each bread shop got its own unique identity, through hand-drawn illustrations inspired by their local neighborhoods. Also, every shop got its own hand-painted window sign.